Zoe Organics

Zoe Organics is a retail brand of organic skincare products, and I have been involved with the company since 2009 when the company was one of my freelance clients. I have helped create, develop and grow the brand from the ground up, and during my time as the creative director I implemented design-led solutions to gain a larger customer base and recognition in the marketplace.

The brand has a fierce loyalty from its customers, and is rapidly expanding its manufacturing capabilities to keep up with demand. Customer and retailer feedback have been valuable sources of data for the company as they have gone through the process of redesigning the website and product packaging, and continue to improve customer experience of the brand.

The Zoe Organics presentation has proven to be an effective tool used by the sales team to generate relationships with new retailers nationwide. It showcases the brand identity, press and influencer buzz, as well as the company’s unique product line. I directed the lifestyle photography shoots, in which we created a library of brand images for use across all media.

I also redesigned the website from the ground up, which launched in early 2017. I approached the redesign with the knowledge that the current website was functioning fine as an e-commerce site, but that there were many areas in which the user experience could be improved – in content, user interface and flow, as well as branding. I went through an informal process of design research, content audit, competitive analysis, customer personas, wireframing and iteration, in order to design and deliver a whole new experience for the end user. Through this process I also gained a working knowledge of HTML, CSS and Liquid programming language. Since its launch, the redesigned website has helped increase sales by 30%, as well as elevated the brand perception and helped to establish the brand as an authority in its space.

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