Pathways of Maturity

The Vine is a vibrant, non-denominational English-speaking church in Hong Kong, made up of a local and international community. During my time as the creative director, I led a team of in-house creatives as well as a volunteer team of artists who helped shape the visual and creative elements for all ongoing programs and events. I determined the visual style and designed the thematic posters displayed throughout the building for each speaking series.

This series is based on a visual representation of the different pathways necessary to achieve spiritual maturity, and the colorful wheel used for this was at the heart of the poster design. I used the same shape motifs as the wheel, while expanding the color palette and giving more nuance to the textures and colors. I had the background of the posters printed digitally, then my team and I block printed the main title logo onto the printed backgrounds, adding an extra texture and warmth to the look and feel of the posters, the content of which was so deeply personal.

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